Experience the Unforgettable: Aymée Nuviola Headlining the Expo Latino Festival

Aymée Nuviola, also known as “La Sonera del Mundo,” is set to headline the Expo Latino Festival on Saturday, August 19 in Calgary, Canada. Hailing from Cuba, Aymée is a singer, musician, composer, and actress whose music embodies the vibrant spirit of her island homeland.

With her mesmerizing performances and powerful vocals, Aymée Nuviola has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry. Her unique blend of genres, including classical, American Jazz, Bossa Nova, Son Cubano, Timba, Bolero, and Fílin, creates an electrifying musical experience that transcends borders.

As the headliner of the Expo Latino Festival, Aymée Nuviola will grace the stage with her captivating presence, delivering an unforgettable performance that celebrates the richness of Latin music and culture. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to witness her talent and immerse yourself in an evening of music that will leave you inspired and uplifted.

Join us on Saturday, August 19 at the Expo Latino Festival to witness Aymée Nuviola’s captivating performance. Immerse yourself in her soulful melodies and infectious rhythms that celebrate the richness of Latin music and culture.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! Early Bird tickets are available until June 26 at midnight. Grab your tickets now at a discounted rate and secure your spot for a night filled with unforgettable music and energy.

Experience the magic of Aymée Nuviola’s performance and be a part of the Expo Latino Festival’s unforgettable celebration. Get ready to dance, sing, and create lasting memories at this extraordinary event.

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